Thanks to the Wright Brothers!

Just think how long it would take to get to Budpest without airplanes! I marvel at the ability of airplanes every time I fly. The child in me still can’t believe this huge machine can zip across the skies.


This huge Emirates Airbus was three times as big as our plane!

We departed from Grand Rapids, Michigan on Tuesday at 6 PM and arrived safe and sound in Budapest Wednesday about 6 PM Budapest time. The 4 hour layover in London was a killer! But we are here in this beautiful city in a beautiful hotel with a gorgeous view.

It’s not gone unnoticed that my ability to recover from changing time zones has diminished as I have grown older. Hence, my blogging at 4 AM. The flight from Philadelphia to London was surprisingly empty. I was so wishing I had been savvy enough to stake out one of the empty four seat rows before the more seasoned travelers scarfed them up. I did have two seats to myself, but didn’t manage to get any sleep. So, no wonder that I crashed on the London to Budapest leg. After waking from my tray table nap, the couple next to me asked, “So, did you just fly in from the States?  You look wiped out.” 

But my tired eyes felt rejuvenated after a walk in St. Stephen’s Christmas Market. The lights, Christmas items and goodies to devour were a sight. While I wanted to try everything on my list, I satisfied myself with mulled wine and a delicious sausage with carmelized onions. We wandered through the the booths and watched the light show shown on the side of the church, then headed back to the hotel for some rest.


Tomorrow, a walking tour with Adam of Tours by Locals!

2 thoughts on “Thanks to the Wright Brothers!

  1. Jerome Hendon

    On our river cruise through Europe, practically everyone we talked to made fun of the Hungarians. It seemed to have something to do with the Hungarian language being completely different from all the other languages spoken in Europe (which supposedly have similar syntax and root words). Whenever we mentioned Budapest, the common reaction was “No one knows what the hell those Hungarians are talking about”.


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