Food, music and psychics

This is my fourth trip to New Orleans and I enjoyed it all over again. Of course, New Orleans is all about food and music, and we had plenty of both. Bowls of gumbo, muffaletta sandwiched, jambalaya, and of course, beignets.


The music is everywhere. On the streets, in the bars and restaurants.


But I enjoyed two unusual experiences,

an evening ghost tourIMG_8470and having a psychic reading by Philip at Marie Laveau’s House of Voodoo.  It was unnerving how much information he had for me. I was quite shocked. The good news I have a long life ahead of me!


We spent several hours at the World War II Museum in New Orleans. Again, we left emotionally exhausted, not having even seen the entire museum. A 4D movie, Beyond All Boundaries, narrated by Tom Hanks, began the experience. The museum has so many film clips, artifacts and interactive exhibits. It is truly one of the best history museums I have ever visited. I hope I can visit again to see what I missed.

One thought on “Food, music and psychics

  1. Kay Ostrom

    Bienvenue–That is close to something that means good in French. So keep having fun. New Orleans is a great place for sure. Your word description with your pics shares it all so well. Just heard a Preservation Hall horn man talking about being happy he had his horn fixed. Went to PH
    once. Would never stand in such a long line to stand behind a man who was just like a wall in front of me in that little bitty space again, but such things are memorable to do once. Congrats on expecting a long life according to the psychic reader. A bunch of us want you around for along time. Thanks for sharing your good times. Both of you be well. Kay Ostrom


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