Music, Music, and More Music

Elvis, Carl Perkins, Johnny Cash, B B King, Jerry Lee Lewis…. Beale Street, Sun Studio, Stax Records… So much musical history. We decided on two places to take in the musical history of Memphis. Graceland. Not really what I expected. I guess in my mind it was bigger. GracelandThe house was certainly interesting. Lots of colors and 70s designs.

elvisYou can tell the family decided what to show of the King’s life. There are no photos of his later, heavier years or talk of what really killed him. The autopsy is sealed until 2027. It is hard to believe that in the later photos he was just 42 years old.


Across the street from the Graceland home, the museum sprawls into new buildings with a gazillion gift shops along with Elvis’s car collection and other memorabilia.

A short trip from Graceland is Sun Studios. A pretty quick tour, but they clearly hire very witty people to do tours. A very enjoyable experience.



2 thoughts on “Music, Music, and More Music

  1. Kay Ostrom

    Great to get to Graceland vicariously with you. You take wonderful photos and you tell a great tory. Have a great trip coming home. Thanks for sharing. Kay O.


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