Planes, trains, but no automobiles

Last spring I traveled to Holland with my friend Jan and her sisters. We had a wonderful time bicycling from Amsterdam to Bruges. No, we didn’t bicycle the entire distance. At the end of each day of biking we were met by Jantien and Henk, owners of the beautiful barge Merlijn. We were wined, dined and taken care of by Jantien and Henk. It was an amazing trip.

In early spring Jantien ran a contest on Facebook to identify the location of an image. I spent hours on the computer, finally found the answer, and won a week biking from Bremen to Magdeburg on the Merlijn. So, here I am off again with Jan for a biking adventure. Thank you Jantien and Henk!!

After three flights, a subway ride and a train excursion we finally arrived in Bremen 31 hours after leaving home. The longest flight from Atlanta to Paris offered no sleep as we were sitting next to some very poorly behaved children (and parents.) So when we finally checked into our Airbnb at 6PM German time, we had just enough energy to go out to eat. We walked about two blocks to a beautiful town square and chose the Bremen Ratskeller, located in the Bremen Rathaus (town hall.) The  building of the Rathaus began in 1410 and is a UNESCO World Heritage site. We had a wonderful dinner of lamb stew for me and corned beef, mashed potatoes and eggs for Jan. And of course, a German beer.


With full stomachs we headed home and fell into bed.

The next day, fully refreshed we headed out to explore Bremen. What a beautiful town. It lies on both sides of the Weser River and was part of the Hanseatic League. Of course the most famous thing about Bremen is the story of the Bremen Town Musicians. There are statues all over town representing this folk story. There are other little works of art  all over town.


Roland was the protector of trade. This fine statue of him was erected in 1404.

We investigated the old town area of Schnoor and walked along the promenade. All along the waterfront area of Schlachte there are biergartens. It was Saturday and a band played and food vendors sold local goodies. 

After a day  of exploring we headed for the Merlijn.