Relocate, relocate, relocate

It seems there are many people who are relocated by the government when they are in the way of progress. But no group has had as much press as the villages relocated by the building of the Three Gorges Dam. China relocated over a million people whose homes or villages were flooded after the building of the dam.

We visited one family that was relocated. They were given a plot of land the same size as their home, stipends for the home value and per person displaced. I don’t think it was enough to rebuild and the land for the house to be built did not include farm area. So many of the families no longer have garden areas. The husband of the family we visited is about the same age as me and to earn money he works carrying people in the sedan chairs.

However, the Chinese people seem to be quite pragmatic. They don’t appear to be angry about this; they seem to accept change without too much questioning. For some, like the woman we spoke with, the opportunity for their children to be closer to schools and job possibilities is a fair exchange.

When we landed there were many stands selling tourist items and men offering to carry you up the hill in a sedan chair carried by two people. A small boat was just leaving that collected garbage from the area. Women were washing clothes in the river.

The people we passed were quite friendly, as has been the case during the whole trip.

The home we visited as actually quite large with a first floor that was used for storage.

The second floor had a living area, four bedrooms and a kitchen.

The third floor was unused. She was saving it for her grandchildren. When she asked if she could rent it out, she said she would never do that. She had to keep it new for her grandchildren. Our guide had told us that, in general, Chinese people do not like things that have been used by others. No hand me downs. He told us not to leave things in our hotel rooms, like extra food or clothing. It would be considered insulting.


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