Tibetan Medicine

So interesting was the trip to the Tibetan Medicine Hospital. People were lined up when we arrived to see the doctors. Ciwang Luobu has practiced at the hospital for over thirty years and is a director at the hospital. He took time from his busy day to talk to us about The Tibetan approach to health care.

This is a holistic approach to medicine. It is about finding imbalance in your life and treating the imbalance. Instead of covering up the imbalance with medicines, Tibetan doctors look for the cause of the imbalance. Diagnostic techniques used in Tibetan medical tradition basically involve interviewing of the patient, urinalysis, and pulse reading.

The doctor showed us medical thangkas(Tibetan paintings) that illustrate the medical philosophy.

Mike talking to the doctor about his missing kidney.


It would be nice if Western medicine were more preventative like Tibetan medicine.






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