…and the warriors

Can you imagine digging for a well and discovering not water, but one of the greatest archeological finds in history? Well, in 1974 that is what happened to workers digging a well outside the city of Xi’an. The worker notified government officials who sent archeologists to the site. They found thousands of clay soldiers, each one unique. Also uncovered were swords, arrow tips and other weapons.

This is Pit 1, the largest. It is huge!!


These terra cotta warriors were part of a mausoleum created by the first emperor of China, designed to accompany him into the afterlife. Emperor Qin, who took the throne at age 13 in 246 BC, is also credited with building the first version of the Great Wall of China.

Archeologists think there are more than 8,000 soldiers, 130 chariots and over 500 horses. The life-size figures were originally painted with bright colors, but they have faded.

According to our guide, one reason some of the areas have not been excavated is because scientists are trying to find a way to preserve the colors before they start uncovering more figures.


How did they ever figure out how to put them back together?

Figures in the process of being restored.


In order to get into the museum we had to buy a ticket with lunch at a government restaurant. Crazy, but it was a good lunch and I was excited to see the chef pulling noodles.



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