China’s parks

The parks in China are just a joy!! There are always people exercising, playing games or just talking.

In Luoyang there was a park right across. The street from our hotel. I went over to the park at 6:30 AM. yes, for those of you who really know me, I actually woke that early. Even at that time there was already a large group exercising. There were two groups dancing, similar to Zumba or cardio dance.

Another did tai chi.


Men were spinning tops with long whips. In the evening you could hear the men cracking the whips. I have cracked a rawhide whip before, but I couldn’t get these to work.

I joined an exercise group one day. The Chinese ladies got quite a kick watching me try their exercises. They were always surprised when I could do the exercises. They were really laughing when I stood on my head!

It would be so great to have this at home. So much emphasis on exercising and fitness.

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