Beijing bits and pieces

You can climb the very steep stairs to the top of the Drum Tower. One large drum and twenty four smaller drums were used to mark the hours of the day.

At the other end of the courtyard, the Bell Tower holds a 42 ton bell cast in 1420.

At the Bell Tower we went to a Tea Ceremony. I am bringing home “pure tea.” We will see if it helps my cholesterol!!

We also went to the opera. Quite a different experience from the European operas. It was most interesting watching the actor apply makeup and get dressed on stage before the show.

3 thoughts on “Beijing bits and pieces

  1. Cheryl Martin

    It looks like you are having quite the adventure. What a neat trip! Is your trip through a tour company? I’d love to experience China with my husband.


    1. Cheryl, we are traveling with Road Scholar. Ha, I am not sure you are old enough. It is the old Elder Hostel. I would check but there is no searching on the internet here. I am lucky to be able to do my blog. Gmail and Google are a problem. The trip is “The best of China: Imperial capitals, Tibet and the Yangtze River. We are loving it. Our guide, Mr. Lou, has made the trip!!


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