A Great Wall

The Great Wall of China runs for several thousand miles across China. Initially, the wall was built by individual states. Later the walls were joined together after the unification of China under Qin Shi Huangdi, the first emperor of China (221-210 BC).

imageimageToday, only parts of the wall have been restored. The majority of the wall that remains is from the Ming Dynasty. We started with a gondola ride that took us up the mountain. We hiked up to an entrance and immediately encountered a bazillion students on a field trip. Luckily, they were headed down as we were going up.

I never would have believed that one day I would sit on the Great Wall of China and eat my lunch. What a day!

4 thoughts on “A Great Wall

  1. Beautiful and informative posts of China Mary! Mm, we are not hearing all that much about the amazing food and drink you have found there? Hopefully all of your wonderful experiences more than compensate for your unusual dining. Enjoy every minute Mary and Mike!


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