Flying 101

Flying 101
I am lucky that I live in a time when we get hop on a jet and travel across the world. That being said, I really hate flying. Some things I want to remember for next time:

1. Check to see how old the plane is, if that is possible. Mike and I figured this would be at least a four movie flight. We thought. This plane is being retired in December. No cute little movie screens on the back of the seats, just those little tiny ones way up on the ceiling. Which also means you don’t have a choice of movies. Unless you downloaded the United app on your iPad or tablet. Then you can stream a movie from the app. One of us did bring an iPad, lucky girl.

2. Spending the extra $100 per seat for this fourteen hour flight was totally worth it. I am sitting on the floor in my roomy exit aisle typing away.

3. Check the seat assignments the night before you leave. I noticed the seats we picked were all three filled. The same seats on the other side of the plane were empty. I called and they switched us. Nobody bought the empty seat so we have three seats to ourselves. Now, if it makes a difference to you, the dividers between the seats do not go up in an exit row because that is where your tray table is located.

4. Seats near the galley can be quiet noisy.

5. If you would like a glass of wine prepare ahead of time. When the flight attendant asks if you would like red or white and you pause for a second, you may hear
“It s not a difficult question, Ma’am .”
“Red,” I quickly responded. I was wondering what kind of white it was, but I was afraid to ask.

6. Even though the flight attendants and passengers close all the windows, sneak a peek. It was a super bright day and we were all trying to get some rest, so the whole plane was dark. We would have missed the mountains in Russia if the guy in front of us hadn’t opened the window. What a sight!

Fourteen hours in the air to get to our destination…Beijing. I can do it!

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