Those crazy translator apps

After the very long flight we cleared customs and headed for a taxi. A very nice young woman in a snappy outfit directed us to a counter where we handed over a bunch of yen and went to a waiting car. After being asked to sign a batch of papers, we realized we were not in a regular old cab. After retrieving our 300 yen we headed to the real taxi line. About 40 minutes later, through crazy drivers, motorbikes and bicycles we arrived at the hotel and paid 128 yen. Yup, we narrowly avoided being the American pigeons.

We checked in to our very nice room with the hardest mattress known to man and headed downstairs to the restaurant. I was determined to stay awake until 10 PM Beijing time to get on the right track. A little app called Waygo scanned the menu and translated items for me. I ordered scallion pancakes, wide noodles with beef and two Beijing beers.  After awhile our waitress came back and spoke into her phone. If you have ever tried translating text from one language to another, you probably have had some pretty funny reading. Well voice to text was even more amusing. The app translated and she showed the phone to me. I can’t remember exactly, but it read something about cattle being too old. I laughed and she tried again. No better. I figured it must be the beef and pointed to the menu and did the universal slice across the throat move.  Shaking her head yes, I ordered pork dumplings instead. Well, soup showed up. Don’t know why. But it was good. So were the beers and dumplings. After waiting about 30 minutes for the pancakes, we realized they weren’t coming and used another app to ask for our bill. 100 yen, or about $15 US. What a deal.

It was 8:30 PM and my goal to reach 10 PM was not to be achieved. I fell into bed and slept like a rock!

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