St. Francis, still alive in Assisi

Our last stay was another AirBnB in Assisi. When we finally found the apartment, a little challenging with a host who spoke no English, it was lovely. The most amazing part was the deck.The views were amazing.


The feast of St. Francis is celebrated on his death, October 4th. During the week there are concerts, a market, special masses and speeches by politicians and clergy.

img_3602 img_3596  img_3590img_3638

The candlelight ceremony at the Basilica diSanta Maria degli Angeli was very moving.


The little church, built in the 9th century, was where Francis vowed to live in poverty and started the Franciscan movement. Francis was given this little church by Benedictine monks. After his death in 1226, many pilgrims came to the little church. Pope Pius V ordered the basilica built around the little church. It was constructed from 1569-1667. It is the seventh largest Christian church in the world.

img_3565 img_3564 img_3562

Our little street, Via Montecavallo, was decorated with drawings on sheets of the residents. They were lighted at night and really spectacular.

img_3656img_3488IMG_1850 IMG_1849

Our wonderful Assisi guide, Alessandra.
Mike, with the largest mortadella that I have ever seen!


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