Fun at Fontanaro

Staying at Fontanaro Organic Farm has been very relaxing.  Link: Fontanaro

Today, we had so much fun cooking with Lucia.   

 Mike made chocolate almond cake under Lucia’s guidance. It was delicious, and gluten-free! 

We made pasta for ricotta and parsley ravioli, tortellini and spaghetti. We also made a ragout for tagliatelle and a sauce of anchovies, capers, garlic and tomatoes for the spaghetti.

While the pasta rested we did an olive oil tasting. What we are used to in the US is not olive oil like Lucia and her family produces. I was surprised how different the tastes were. Then we rubbed tomatoes on bread, put olive oil and sea salt on the bread, and popped them in our mouths. Heaven!

Lucia demonstrated spaghetti cutting on the chitarra, a wooden instrument invented around 1800 in this part of Italy. It is called chitarra because it looks like a guitar with the strings.




Lucia opened a bottle of ten year old special wine, Vin Santo. The name literally translates to Saint Wine. The wine, made from Malvasia grapes, dates back to the Middle Ages. There are many stories about how the wine got its name, but it has a long history of being associated with the church and being a favorite wine of priests. The wine is made from Malvasia grapes. After eating we would pick the grapes to be made into this wine.  

After we were totally stuffed we went to the vineyard to cut the remaining grapes.    


 These white grapes, along with some previously picked red ones, were then hung to dry until about February. They will then be pressed and put into barrels for a long aging. Vin Santo.




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