Arrivederci Greve…Ciao Paciano!

We say goodbye to Greve. It has been a great location. Day trips to Siena, Panzano, Radda…  

We head to our next stay in another Agritourismo, Fontanaro.  The last one was delightful, but the roads to get there were less than great. These roads too, took some care to traverse. What we have learned is that the roads seem very scary when you first drive them, but you get used to them quickly. By the end if the week, they seem like no big deal. When we arrived….a little bit of heaven. 

  One of our two patios.          Hector Oh Bacco. He is a delightful rascal. We have to be careful to close the gate when we drive in because Bacco has been visiting his boxer girlfriend in town.  True love in the dog world.

They have a garden we can pick from and 2500 olive trees! I made soup today from the garden with the delicious, tomatoes, eggplants, leeks and peppers.


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