Driving in Italy

The driving isn’t as bad as I expected, but there are lots of turns, curves and roundabouts. The biggest problem is trying to figure out parking. We were doing pretty well until the other day when we found this parking ticket on the car.

 I totally missed the no parking on Monday from 8-9 AM for street cleaning. Ugh. 28 euros if you pay right away, or 41 if you wait. Live and learn.

We have been on lots of small roads with lots of twists and turns.

Some signs are easy to understand.

    No parking…ever, I guess.
   Don’t go there. Cameras are watching. If you go down that path you will probably get a ticket assigned by camera.

 Dangerous shoulders…about every road!   

   Don’t enter.

 Restricted access.

   Restaurant somewhere close. Ha.

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