Voltera…for all you Twilight fans

Being a middle school librarian, I had to read all the Twilight books. Not my favorite genre, so I skimmed pretty quickly through them. Oddly enough, I find myself at a second location where the movies were filmed.

Mike and I vacationed several years ago in the Olympic Peninsula in Washington state. We stayed overnight in LaPush, on a Native American reservation. The next year I was reading the first installment of the Twilight series, and to my surprise, it took place in LaPush and Forks, both very small towns we had visited.

Now, here we are in Volterra, home to the Volturi, a coven of rich and powerful vampires. However, the film was shot in Montelulciano, one of our next stops. Volterra is a beautiful walled city. The day we were there, a market was in one of the squares. All sorts of people were out, eating and talking. Sweets, balloons, cotton candy…

    The meat is quite a sight!

  Fruits, nuts, olives…..  The view from the tower  Etruscan digs  It must be close to harvest time.   What a view!

One thought on “Voltera…for all you Twilight fans

  1. Jerry Hendon

    Hope you’re taking notes on which vineyards and types of wine are your favorites. Don’t know which “reds” you’re enjoying but the color (s) look really inviting.


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