Francesca, you are saving my life!

When we drove through France, we would still be lost if not for GPS. We have an old Garmin Nuvo 200, ancient really. But I purchased the maps of France, downloaded them onto a SD card and off we went. We loved that Garmin so much we named her Suzette.

Well the same little, old Garmin is now traveling with us in Italy, a new SD card with the roads of Italy. She really needed an Italian name, so Francesca it is. I really don’t think we could navigate our way with maps alone. Well, maybe. But it would be much more stressful and we would be lost more often. 

“Recalculating,” Francesca told me yesterday as I made one more wrong turn. But no wonder. The Agritourismo that I had booked us in was a little off the beaten track. Typical me, always looking for the unusual path.  

 As we wound up the one-way hill, I wondered what I had done. And voila, we pulled into the the most beautiful spot, LaFontaccia.  


The little olive grove. to the left, car parking covered by solar panels.

 This home has been in Elisabetta’s family for over a hundred years. They grow olives and make oil. Also there are some fruit trees. Yesterday I picked a nice ripe fig right off the tree. Wow, all the figs I have ever had have been dried or in a Newton. 



Elisabetta’s grandmother on the right.

 Elisabetta’s family was going to sell the property. Not wanting to have the family home pass out of the family, Elisabetta and her husband remodeled the family home and buildings into a beautiful agritourisma. Kind of like a bed and breakfast, but usually run by family. It was interesting that they received grants from both the European Union and the Italian government to do so. One of the goals is to take land that is being unused and repurpose it. A new use will help the economy. It will also help protect the land so it is more stable, less erosion. Land management. The renovation is spectacular.


The white building is the original home. The building to the left is a converted stable and storage building.
All the lamp covers are made from vegetables, cabbages, onions, carrots…

 The first night it was wonderful to relax and have dinner with Elisabeth and Samuele,  especially after hauling luggage, riding a train, picking up a car and finding our way on Italian roads. 

Elisabetta and Samuele

Django. Samuele loves American westerns.

One thought on “Francesca, you are saving my life!

  1. Chevon Heaton

    Fresh figs? I am so jealous. Hopefully you will be able to share your new knowledge of figs with us when you arrive back home. Safe travels!


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