The Italian bathroom

I have wanted to remodel my “ensuite” for awhile. “I have been watching too many HGTV shows.)  I keep thinking about what I want and what can actually fit in the space.  As I sit in my Italian rental apartment, I know what I’d really like. A bidet!

This appliance invented by the French is such a handy fixture. We ran across a few in France, none in Scandinavia, and I don’t know anyone in the US who has one. They are very common in Italy. According to Wikipedia (Can you believe a librarian is quoting Wikipedia?) 97% of Italian households have them. They have been mandatory in Italy since 1975.  

 So why not in the US?  We could save on water. Why take a whole shower and dry up your skin when you can wash up the “lady parts” so easily? You can feel fresh in minutes!

So now I am looking at my bathroom with new eyes. Take out the tub/shower enclosure. Put in a stand up shower. And voila!  I will have room to install a bidet! I’m going to get right on it. (The idea, not the bidet. Hmmm. No, maybe both.)

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