Riding the Rails 

We should be so lucky in the US to have train transportation so readily available and inexpensive. The first three legs of our trip required transport by train. Pretty easy. Hmm. My credit card is  a chip and signature card. Won’t work in the ticket machines.  Damn American companies that haven’t caught up to Europe in security. Went to a live person to buy tickets.  No problem. Milan to Parma, twelve euros.

Tip one: Know the final destination of the train. When you look at the board to determine your departure gate, you need to know where the train ends. 

Tip two: Be sure to validate your ticket before stepping on the train. We watched the two young men next to us pay the conductor a fine because they had not validated their tickets.  However, they both spoke Italian and we guessed they were playing odds and hoped to not get caught. Nope. Busted.

Tip three: Second class is quite fine. At least on our train it was. 

Tip four: Our train had luggage racks above the seats. I would keep your luggage close or in eye sight.

Enjoy the ride.


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