Do you have a reservation?

Are you kidding me? Since when do you need a reservation at a store? Leave it to Apple. So while I waited in Grand Rapids for two hours for my reservation, I watched people walk in and receive immediate service. Either they found out the hard way they needed a reservation, or they were just much more savvy Apple users than me. Undoubtedly the last.

When traveling, I am a plan-ahead girl. I like to know how I am getting somewhere, what I am going to do when I get there and where I am sleeping. Some would call it obsessive compulsive disorder. But I haven’t yet had to sleep in my car.

Today, as I was waiting to see The Last Supper, I knew how some tourists felt. “Do you have a reservation?” the woman behind the counter asked the unlucky pair I was standing next to. “I’m sorry. There are no available reservations.”  Well, at least I had only driven to Grand Rapids to the Apple store. How far had these people come?

I was booking a few tours for this trip with Tours By Locals. I was looking for a good idea in Milan and spotted a tour that looked very interesting that included a viewing of DaVinci’s famous painting. When I tried to book it the tour guide let me know she would be happy to do the tour, but I would first need to secure the tickets myself. No problem. I went to the site and realized it was not that simple. So many months come available at a time and September’s tickets were not ready. Not sure if I would be able to enter the system at the right time, and not wanting to do a daily check of the website I chose an easier option. I booked a Viator Tour that included a DaVinci  visit.

Sometimes it’s hard to know what needs to be done prior to leaving. This time I was the lucky holder of a ticket. Call me Willy Wonka.

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