Chevy Chase…I feel your pain!

Remember National Lampoon Vacation? Chevy Chase plans this great trip for his family and he has one disaster after another.  Well, I know how he felt.

It all started with a root canal and the broad range antibiotic I was given to prevent infection. Well, didn’t exactly go as planned. The antibiotic seems to have killed off the good stuff in my gut and allowed the wretched C Difficile bug to take over.  The solution: oddly enough another antibiotic. No big deal. Leaving on Sunday. Lab tests back on Saturday. Prescription in hand for the trip. A couple days on meds should clear up the problem of having to get a map of every restroom in Milan.  No problem.  But wait. Are you kidding me? NO ALCOHOL FOR THE DURATION OF THE MEDICATION PLUS AN ADDITIONAL TWO MORE DAYS!!  In the land of wine. Me, Miss Wino!

Well, I have had other meds that directions stated “Don’t take with alcohol.” “Oh no,” the doc says. “You REALLY can’t drink with this medication. It will make you hurl. It’s like the stuff they give to drunks to make them stop drinking.” Well, at least I can eat.

We arrived at our AirBnB apartment and snoozed for three hours. Just enough to allow so sleep at night, but to catch up with the time lag. After waking, we walked to one of the main parts of Milan. Wow, that is why we came!


Walking back was a struggle for Mike. Oh, forgot the second part of the Chevy Chase imitation game. About the same time I was getting my root canal, Mike was diagnosed with gout and one of his toes is swollen up like a little Vienna sausage. Makes for extremely uncomfortable, actually painful walking.

So here we are back at the apartment. Remember that “at least I can eat” thought.  We would just go a couple blocks and have a great Italian dinner. I can eat and Mike won’t have to walk far. What a nice place, Restaurant Alla Cadrega.

Lovely, friendly staff.

 Great food. Zucchini blossoms stuffed with pesto ricotta.

First shared course of pasta maccheroni in a white ragout with sausage.

Shared second course of sea bass baked in salt.

Oh, and we ordered a nice bottle of wine. Why should Mike suffer just because I couldn’t drink.  As my husband reaches across the table to give me a little pat, the glass or red wine pitches forward and covers my white top. Just after the appetizer. Well, I could still eat. Just a little more self-conscious than when the meal started.

Well, I can still eat!



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