Vikings, Gardens and Aquavit

Americans have all aalborgheard of Copenhagen, but I wonder how many of them know about Aalborg.  I didn’t.  Aalborg, in the northern part of Denmark, is the fourth most populated city in Denmark.

We had a very short day, leaving port at 1:30 PM.  But we packed the morning visiting the ancient Viking site of Lindholm Høje. In the 1950s the burial site was discovered, over 700 graves covered by sand. Men’s graves were triangular and women’s round or oval.

img_1435 img_1436 The area was uncovered and a museum built at the location. Both the burial site and the museum were fascinating.

Back on the bus, we drove to a community garden.  There were many of these kinds of gardens in Scandinavia.  But I was surprised at the size of the garden plots in Aalborg. We visited one couple’s garden and were even invited into their house. Yes, house! In a garden plot. The owners are allowed to sleep at their site during spring, summer and autumn.  These particular plots were rented for what I believe is about $300 year. Amazing.  We sampled the local aquavit, but I have to admit I didn’t think it was very good.

img_1410  img_1416  img_1408  img_1430img_1428  img_1418

The gardens went on and on…

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