On to Norway… First stop Stavanger

You know oil is important to an area when the city boasts an oil museum. Stavanger’s economy is linked to oil and the city’s population growth is because of offshore oil. The day we were there was, unfortunately, one of the worst weather days of our trip. It was cold, rainy and windy.

IMG_1642 img_1576

img_1514 img_1510

Al Gore’s footprints on the Path of Peace in Stavanger will incorporate footprints from various peace figures in a route that ends at the Cathedral Square.

But despite the weather, it was easy to see Stavanger is a charming city. The Old Town has beautiful, white-washed homes with cobblestone streets. Quite slippery, when it’s rainy.

img_1585 img_1608 img_1611

The “vekter” patrolled the town at night looking for fire or any people disturbing the peace. He also was the lamplighter. 
Norway's oldest medieval cathedral still in its original form
Norway’s oldest medieval cathedral still in its original form

We visited the Canning Museum. If you have ever tasted King Oscar sardines, the fish may have come from the Stavanger area. They no longer can the fish; that is done in Poland. But at one time, Stavanger was once home to more than half of Norway’s canning factories.

img_1598 img_1596  14-30-17-18-21

Thankfully, it quit raining long enough for us to eat outside, but with the heaters on! This is where we got our first taste of just how expensive Norway is. Two local beers and two trout lunches…$78!

img_1616 img_1613

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