Wonderful, wonderful Copenhagen….and happy birthday to Mike!

I am such a foodie. Much of what I enjoy on a vacation is tasting different foods.  And we were going to the home of NOMA, voted the best restaurant two years in a row!  Mike and I had just finished watching Anthony Bourdain eat his way through the menu.  NOMA menu  Oh, how I wanted to go.  And we could splurge; it was Mike’s birthday.  The ship offered an excursion to NOMA at $399 per person!! Not to worry, I would make our own reservations. Drat, we were going to be there on a Monday and the restaurant was closed.  Thankfully, I wasn’t even tempted by the ship excursion because it was sold out before it ever got to the level for my cruise reservation.

But what to do. Online I found a website 10 Top Noma Alternatives in Copenhagen. I perused the choices and settled on Höst. And a good choice it was!

img_1366 img_1353

For Mike’s birthday they delivered a flag to our table.  We thought that was a little strange.


The following day we were in some Aalborg community gardens and saw a lot of long, skinny Danish flags. When I asked what the significance of the flag was I was told they fly the streamer for everyday. The real flag is only flown for special occasions, which may include your birthday. Well, that explains a lot!

The meal was very interesting. We ordered the prix-fixe three-course meal with wine pairings. The waiter informed us that even though it said three courses, there would be more. Surprises, he said. And for all you fellow foodies, here they are:

Potato with bakskuld, onion ashes and dried seagrass


salted scallop with lemon verbena, horseradish and cucumber
Seared Norwegian lobster, juniper-pickled carrots, sea buckthorn, juniper cream, hazelnuts and browned butter
When the above course was delivered, the juniper was flamed. The menu doesn’t mention the extra goodie, a chicken foot!
stirred beef tartare from eye of rump with lemon-thyme mushrooms, cress and potato chips with ransom
ribeye with lettuce creme, cabbage, pea sprouts, fried inkchips, smoked cheese and pepper
juncket mousse with licorice toffee and freezedried buckthorn
birch bark ice cream, apple compote, chocolate with herbs and mushroom sponge cake
birch bark ice cream, apple compote, chocolate with herbs and mushroom sponge cake

What a great night!

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