Copenhagen and the Coast

Looking out from the ship, the view of Copenhagen wasn’t what I thought it would be. Industrial, but with nice touches like the sculptures. But, I told myself, ships don’t dock in the pretty parts of town.

img_1194 img_1197


And a beautiful city it is.  Once again, bicycles are a way of life.  But here, there were armies of bikes moving like the peloton down the wonderfully marked bike trails.

img_1262  img_1266

We img_1203met our tour guide, a very delightful retired man. He and his wife are both tour guides.

We took a walk to Amalienborg Palace, the residence of the Danish Royal family. The four palace buildings are placed around an octagonal square. A statue of  is smack dab in the middle of the square.

.img_1200 img_1202 img_1201  img_1205


Political campaign posters. No TV ads allowed!

Onto the bus for a 12km ride to Dragør, a little seaside village full of well-preserved historical buildings built in the traditional Danish style. We walked through the village and stopped for coffee and Danish. LOL.

img_1210 img_1211

img_1217 img_1223 img_1215

This guy is burning the weeds between the bricks with a blow torch. Interesting alternative to weedkiller.

Back to Copenhagen and Tivoli Gardens. We ate lunch at Fru Nimb, a Danish open sandwich restaurant, with over 50 different selections of smørrebrød. (I know, more food.)

img_1242 img_1243 img_1241 img_1240


So many interesting towers and steeples.

img_1306  img_1264 img_1235 img_1236


No trip to Copenhagen would be complete without a visit to the Little Mermaid.


About 4PM we both hit the wall, tired from a short night of sleep and a full day of sightseeing.  But, we had dinner reservations at 6PM for Mike’s birthday. It wouldn’t make sense to walk all the way back to the boat and then turn around and go back. So, the perfect rest stop….a Stromma boat for a canal ride. Beautiful views from the water.

img_1270  img_1322img_1296 img_1293

opera house
opera house

After the hour ride we were refreshed and ready for a little more walking. Then on to the special birthday dinner. Read about it in the next post.

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