Well, to begin with, the ship doesn’t land in Gdansk. It docks in Gdynia, about one-half hour away from Gdansk. That gave our tour guide a long time to fill us in on the bus ride. Again, we had a guide who was very passionate about her city. We passed the Gdansk Lenin shipyards and Solidarity Square where workers were shot in 1970. Lech Walesa is her hero for co-founding Solidarity and presiding over Poland as it changed from a Communist state.


We arrived in Gdansk and entered the old town through the Green Gate. 

  Gdansk was heavily damaged during WWII. The buildings that are in Gdansk now are reconstructed. And beautiful they are. Long Lane is one of the main streets. The architecture is amazing.



Oliwa Cathedral, 1186


The Long Bridge


Of course we had to try a local beer and pierogies.

This was a very short day. We landed in port around 6AM and left about 1PM. I would really enjoyed a little more time in this beautiful city.

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