A little about the ship

What attracted me to this cruise were the destinations. I didn’t give a lot of thought to the ship. Never having been on a cruise, I was a little surprised by how pampered I was. The crew works very hard. I really don’t know how they work so many hours. It made me feel a little guilty at times. Most of the young men and women were from places other than the US, the Phillipines, Croatia, Macedonia… Many have worked on other cruise lines previously. At first, when I saw they automatically added a tip onto the bill to be divided among the crew, I was a little irritated. I’m a good tipper and I thought I could do that myself. But there are so many people it would be impossible. And they sure deserve good tips. So instead of feeling irritated I was glad to have that taken care of for me. And we even left extra for our housekeeping staff and one of our favorite waiters.

The explorer’s lounge at the front of the ship has wonderful views.  


Infinity pool  

This is the snow grotto. You can hop in after going in the sauna. Felt pretty good. Just make sure to wear something on your feet.  

Spa area 

Our stateroom


This is me waving a towel under the door when i got locked in a bathroom.

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