WiFi…how spoiled am I?

Pretty spoiled, I guess.  We have wifi on the ship. That is amazing. But it is pretty bad, verrrry slow. I have this new camera that I can send pictures to my iPad, but there isn’t a good enough wifi. So, the pictures you see, I’m borrowing from the internet. But even that is taking hours and, oh too bad, I have other things to do

So, my posts are slow. But, I am reminding myself that we never used to even have the internet on vacation AND I am in the Baltic Sea and able to use the internet most of the time. Incredible, really.

However, Verizon and I are going to have a talk. I bought a month global plan which has not worked. Cannot use my phone. Can’t call them because I can’t use my phone. If any of you have a help desk email address for Verizon, I would appreciate it.

I mean really, look at all the cords and chargers and you can’t see my iPad or Mike’s phone. Yup, spoiled.

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