What a ship!

The apartment we rented via Airbnb.com was about 2km from where the ship was docked. Since it was pretty much all downhill and the suitcases have wheels, why not walk? The morning looked overcast. Don’t bump the plans. Just leave before the rain starts. We arrived at the boat about three hours before embarkation. Never having been on a cruise before we knew we could leave our baggage even if we couldn’t get on the ship. But, to our surprise, we COULD get on the boat, just not into our room. No problem. We could go to decks one, two and seven.  Good news. Lunch is being served on seven. Hardly anyone is one the boat. We had a tour of the spa, a couple restaurants and pretty much had the boat to ourselves. Can’t wait to try the snow grotto! Everything is brand new. This ship has only done one tour, so all is shiny and bright.  This should be fun!


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