A little shopping, a lot of eating….

May 26

Oh, what I really wanted to try was a semlor bun, a soft cardamom bun filled with cream. But they are only made from Christmas to Easter. So, in search of cardamom buns I went. Vete-Katten, a traditional bakery, gave me a taste. We chose two baked goods Solbulle , a cardamom bun with vanilla filling and    Kanelbulle, a cinnamon twisty treat. Off to the eating area, where the whole middle table was filled with coffee cups and urns of coffee. A little too early for fika, the traditional coffee break, but a good breakfast.

  I had looked at a walking food tour of Stockholm and thought I could replicate it. Didn’t really work the way I had anticipated. We headed for the Östermalm Food Hall. It is beautiful food hall from the 1880s that is like the markets you find in many big cities. There are restaurants, cafés and food “stores” that sell meat, fish, veggies, fruit and anything else you might want. This is a very crowded spot to be at during the lunch hour. It took a long time to find an available seat, and when we did it wasn’t the best choice. Mike had reindeer and I don’t even remember why I had. Both were microwaved plates and just ok. Oh well, off to shop.

 We walked all over the business district. I found some pretty ribbon and sweater clasps at Hemslöjd, a store selling traditional Swedish goods. Old town was the stop for souvenirs. Lots of those kind of shops catering to us tourists.

Under the bridge by the Royal Palace, The Museum of Medieval Stockholm was built around old monuments excavated in an archaeological dig in the late 1970s. Part of Stockholm’s city wall, dating from the early 16th century, was also found. It is quite a nice museum, and it’s free (probably because it is hard to find.)


      After a whole day of walking, we decided to try and get dinner close to home. Didn’t work that well, but it was close.  Ended the night at the Himlen, which locals call the Sky Bar.  Great views of the city from the 25th floor.

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