Stockholm continued

  May 25

Slept until 9AM! Maybe I am finally on schedule. Back to Djurgården, this time by bus rather than boat. The transportation system here is amazing and quite easy to use. First stop, the VASA Museum. What an amazing place. The VASA set sail in 1628 after two years of construction. It made it into Stockholm harbor where winds literally tipped it over and it sank. It stayed at the bottom of the harbor for over 300 years. The techniques that were used to preserve the ship are amazing.

 Next we were on to the Nordik Museum. This museum documents Swedish history. The most interesting part for me was the traditional clothing exhibits. I tried to make a “costume” to wear in the Viking choir at home. I wish I had the correct fabric. I did take lots of photos for reference. One of the other exhibits I enjoyed was the about the Sami people from the North and their culture.

 We headed for the ABBA Museum and got lost at an Irish bar. Oh well. Just a quick stop. Until we met a Scottish chap and got lost in conversation for a couple hours. Originally from Scotland, he had worked all over the world for oil companies. He had to go where he could make money, he stated. “That makes sense,” I said. “Could you call my Mum and tell her that?” he asked.

On to sing with ABBA. Lots of fun. Unfortunately, the video didn’t save to the website. So, no sharing me singing Mama Mia. Lucky you!

Ulla Winbladh for dinner . I read about this restaurant online. Lots of traditional Scandinavian food. When we walked over I wondered if I had made a bad choice. Seemed a little high brow for us. But we waited anyway. I had salmon, cold. I forgot that cold means raw. It was good, though. The service was impeccable.  


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